Vantage House

Programme: Artematica Vitrum/Glass

Valcucine’s intuition led them to use “pure” (not bonded) materials on the aluminium structure of the Artematica doors, a move which opened up endless ideas and combinations. From the refined use of glass in every colour and finish to wood that conveys strong tactile sensations to lacquered surfaces and metal laminates, Artematica has been designed down to the last detail to make movements more fluid and more assured, to bring about a softer closure of cabinet doors and to respect the highest safety standards thanks to rounded corners and edges.

Unique Valcucine features with in the project

Valcucine Air Logica system with V-Motion

Valcucine have created a unit with a new ergonomic and functional approach that makes it possible to exploit the entire contents of extra-deep base units. When shut, the large door conceals the equipped back section, which is accessorised to meet the user’s requirements with sections dedicated to organising the kitchen. The door can be customised to suit one’s taste and automatically slides silently upwards with the wave of a hand in front of the V-Motion sensor. A light panel is revealed behind it that increases visibility in the worktop area and conveys a wonderful feeling of space and wellbeing to the entire food preparation area.

Tall Tower Units with Receding Doors

The doors open and push into pockets to reveal the practicality of a large storage space. A luminous back panel reveals the contents of these cabinets while aiding the user in any activity. As well as storing kitchen utensils and small appliances, the handy inside compartment can be fitted with a telescopic stainless-steel worktop surface that can be used for food preparation. The tower units can be fitted out to suit the user’s requirements and can even accommodate ovens.

Finishes used:

Air Logica System: Graphic Vitrum, Gloss Bronze Butterfly Wing Glass

Valcucine look to extend the expressive potential of glass with Graphic Vitrum, a special digital printing technique on glass developed to make a kitchen even more beautiful. Once again, Valcucine have been inspired by nature which they portray in eight original and modern designs that stand out for their strong personality.

Base units on Air Logica Run: Matt Bronze Glass

Island Unit: Matt Sand Glass

Tall Units and Wall Panelling: Burnished Tactile Oak Veneer

Valcucine’s Veneer’s ensure timeless aesthetics in a kitchen, the wood species used for all kitchens are completely free from toxic substances; they are protected by a water-based varnish from which all aromatic solvents, that are very carcinogenic, have been removed.

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