Beam System

Like Beam, Super Beam develops upon the same geometric beam, the model’s distinctive aesthetic feature. This beam makes it possible to create innumerable configurations by bringing together the padded elements and combining them in harmony with the utmost style and functionality. Four modular padded elements, left or right end section, middle section, corner and chaise longue, create a simple arrangement, which can be combined in multiple configurations.

The system is completed by an independent chaise longue and a series of side tables:

• Rectangular in shape, which can be combined with the middle or end padded elements;

• Independent, consisting of a base with two surfaces, one rectangular and one round, in different finishes, at two different levels.

Structure: tubular steel.

Padding: variable density CFC-free polyurethane foam and polyester wadding.

Base: aluminium lacquered in black or chestnut brown.

Feet: transparent plastic.

Removable fabric or leather upholstery.

Side Table Finishes: American walnut, natural oak, black stained oak, cement-stone.


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