AB001 Rocking Nest Chair

Anker Bak’s Rocking Nest Chair, AB001 is a small, functional and very comfortable chair. It was actually created with the designer’s sister in mind, as she sought a comfortable and practical piece of furniture in which to rest and relax with her newborn baby.

The Rocking Nest Chair is impressively light, the subtle interplay between the steel and wood making the chair appear to almost float. Anker Bak has based his design on archetypal shapes, natural high-quality materials, and a proud craftsmanship tradition in reinventing the traditional rocking chair.

The Rocking Nest Chair has been created to suit modern lifestyles, and the ingenious design can easily be folded up and put away.

The Rocking Nest Chair is available in oak or walnut combined with stainless or powder-coated steel. The seat of the rocking chair is a combination of canvas and leather.



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