GEORGE, the new collection of solid wood tables, takes its inspiration from the design principles of Shaker furniture, which had to be minimalist, practicable and extremely aesthetic. The structural frugality of the basic construction coupled with sensitively-conceived details are the defining characteristics of the range.

One for all. With its multifunctional concept, GEORGE can be fitted with a variety of modules like drawers or stowable marble trays to supplement the basic version. An additional marble or stainless steel strip on the longitudinal strut is a convincing combination of functionality and an effective material eye-catcher.

A bench, which incorporates the distinctive design features of the concept, can be purchased to match the GEORGE table. It can be deployed as part of a group with the table or as a stand-alone piece. An optional cushioned seat provides optimum comfort and is available in various leather and textile upholstery materials. The GEORGE bench comes either with or without a longitudinal strut.



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