Miele K 37472 iD Built-in refrigerator

W60 x H177cm

Rated A++ for energy, the Miele K37472ID integrated larder fridge sits in your tall housing unit, completely complementing your kitchen. The upper compartment has 6 anti-spill stainless steel-trimmed shelves made of safety glass for extra peace of mind, all are easy to clean. A wine rack and 3 PerfectFresh salad drawers provide further storage solutions. And if the door is slammed shut you needn’t worry about bottles and jars falling over. The SoftClose door mechanism is designed to stop the door at the last moment, leaving it to gently close on its own.

The appliance also features Dynamic Cooling – a constant flow of air enabling the temperature inside the appliance to be maintained at the same level throughout. This allows you to fully utilise all of the internal space and store food anywhere in the fridge. The contents of the fridge will also be chilled up to 50% quicker, and there are LED indicators that make it child’s play to monitor the internal temperature.

A Super cool function can be used to rapidly reduce the temperature in the refrigerator to its lowest setting, recommended for the faster chilling of large amounts of fresh food or drink – useful if you’ve just got back from a big shop. Automatic defrost is on hand so you will never have to defrost this unit.

Electronic touch controls and a LCD display provide instant feedback on temperatures inside the fridge. FlexiLight interior lighting illuminates the fridge brilliantly. Right hinged door, can be reversed to suit your kitchen layout.


  • Sale Price: £1,457

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