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Working from home

As we have switched to working from home, we would like to share some advice of what to do if you are also.

  • Stick to your routine

To retain a productive schedule, keep to your regular routine. Wake up the same time you would, wear your work outfit and take your breaks as if you would in the office. This not only allows for a consistent mind set but establishes the division between work and home. Performing this you will be able log off when the day is over.


  • Dedicate a workspace

A good method to keep a productive frame of mind is to create a dedicated space for your work. Avoid choosing a space that will cause interruptions or a seating area that will be bad for your posture. A single desk, dining table or a breakfast bar is a great area to start.


  • Get some fresh air

Even if we’re limited to one outing a day, it’s important to go outside. For mental and physical health, you can only work your best if you feel this way. Going for a short stroll, walking your dog or even sitting in your back garden, dedicate some time to enjoy the outdoors.


  • Create a motivating playlist

As tempting as it is to listen to your favourite music, it’s also as tempting to sing along. Take a look on Spotify or Youtube and choose a playlist which provides you with good energy that works for your workload. Ideally find one with minimal or no lyrics, a Forza favourite is ‘The Most Beautiful Songs in the World’ on Spotify.


  • Speak with your colleagues

Although you are at home, keep in touch with your colleagues. Just because you’re not in the office doesn’t mean you need to be cut off. Communicate ideas and let them know how things are going via video call or an email.


  • Create a to-do list

A good way to manage your time is to break down your tasks.  Structure your day by organising a to-do list so you can stay on target.


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