What does Sustainability look like?

Celebrating Earth Day, the S word is prevalent throughout each industry. Sustainability encompasses every aspect of our lives and it’s essential to wonder what Sustainability looks like? We last spoke about the notion that luxury, and by its very nature tends to be more sustainable as it generally produced in smaller volumes and more handcrafted than mass produced products.

This year we reflect on sustainability’s quality of durability and lifetime value. Timeless design has been a key component with many design brands. Creating products that are fluid with the large variety of interiors out there, allows for designs to not only not go out of style but also withstand the ever-growing design world.

Many of our products that we select to fill our interiors/exteriors, hold many memories from the experiences and stories that happen within these spaces. Keeping hold of the items we cherish provides a sentimental solution, in which passing down items to friends/family, or introducing them to new rooms/homes, can keep the history alive.

A reason Vintage and Retro has been prevalent today, the intrigue of utilising the old and creating a fresh look is a beneficial way to utilise current pieces without throwing them away before their time.

Sustainability is defined as utilising a resource to the best of its ability; choosing products carefully to ensure they have a life-cycle to offset their manufacture is something we can all consider.

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