Cane-line Peacock Sunbed

Relax this Summer with Cane-line, Andreu World and Hay

As the Summer has officially begun, it’s time to relax and enjoy the Sun that is hopefully on its way. Ourselves at Forza have a few suggestions on how you can make the most out of your summer even if you’re on holiday or relaxing at home, make sure you take the opportunity to enjoy yourself.


Soak in the Sun

With the Sun up, it’s a perfect time to enjoy the good weather and get you daily dose of vitamin D. Extend out with the Andreu World Trenza chaise lounge or the Hay Palissade Lounge chair. Of course make sure you keep yourselves protected with sun protection.


Drinks by the pool

It’s always a good idea to keep yourself refreshed so what a better way than to indulge with a cooling drink. Why not do this whilst lounging in Cane-line’s Peacock sunbeds or their Space Sofa. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated as you chill in the Sun.


Liven up your outdoor spaces

As the bright days come around, it’s a good time to feel inspired and change things up. Perhaps add some new furniture such as the Andreu World Siesta sofa or Cane-line’s Parc range. Updating a new space can allow you to not only feel invigorated but also improve your mental health.


Dine outside

The great thing about the Summer is that the good weather stays around (most of the time) This provides a great opportunity to stay outdoors and dine outside. Cane-line’s Pure table or their Newman dining range are some of the options that they offer to allow you to get the chance to embrace the outside.


Watch the Sunset/Sunrise

A lovely way to end a relaxing day is to sit or lie back and watch the Sunset. No matter where you are, they are always mesmerising to watch. If you ever get the chance why not sit on Andreu World’s Trenza lounge chairs and watch the sunset. (Or for you early birds, the Sunrise)


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