Rodrigo Rodriquez

Memories of Rodrigo

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our Company Chair, Rodrigo Rodriquez, following a short illness.

Many will remember Rodrigo as one of the founding members of the modern renaissance in Italian design, encouraging the early work of many household names such as Mario Bellini and Vico Magistretti and developing the international product collections of the Italian manufacturers Cassina and Flos.

To others this constituted but a small part of his curriculum. Rodrigo was instrumental in the creation of the modern Milan exhibition complex and played a strategic role in the shaping of international law to protect design and production rights.

This year Forza will celebrate 25 years in the interiors market. We have attracted over this period a small group of supporters who we refer to as “The friends of Forza” Rodrigo Rodriquez was a much respected colleague, but most of all he was our dearest friend.

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