Forza & FBH Sustainability discussion

Now more than ever we need to engage with sustainability in both our private and public spaces, this served as the prompt for Maya Weier BDM at Forza Projects to suggest the topic as the basis for the first panel hosted by Fitzrovia Business Hub. http://www.fitzroviabusiness.com/

The consensus was our panel should reflect a wide variety of voices and ideas

Maya – Forza Projects – https://www.forza.co.uk/

Established over 20 years ago Forza focuses on curated design for both residential and commercial spaces. Maya spoke about Valcucine; Valcucine is a kitchen brand driven by design and fueled by eco-sustainability, technological research and handicraft expertise. At the inception of design comes the idea of sustainability creating a product that has been manufactured to have less materials, meaning less waste and a circular economy. Valcucine proves beautiful design can be sustainable.

Aisling Hayes – Sustainable Food Association https://thesra.org/

Turning to food Aisling shared the work that Sustainable Food Association are doing; food waste was at the top of the issues that we all need to tackle, finding ways to reduce waste is key to creating a sustainable future. With 30,000 tons of food being thrown away by restaurants; SFA are working with restaurants across the country to help make changes to reduce waste. Reflecting on meat consumption this is another area of focus. There was a strong emphasis on not taking a paternalistic tone but rather one of encouragement that will foster engagement.

Arianna Liconti & Benedetta Pesci – World Rise NGO -https://worldrise.org/en/

World Rise is an organisation working to protect our seas and oceans, their passion was infectious as Arianna a Marine Biologist explained 50% of our oxygen comes from our seas and oceans. The air we breathe depends on having healthy seas, with diverse projects across Italy and now in London they hope to create a shift in perception of how we view sustainability. Their creative projects include working with the nightclub sector to reduce the plastic being generated by them. As well as bringing large scale murals depicting arresting images of our sea and threat it faces by placing the imagery on public walls and in communal spaces, this something they hope to replicate in London.

Antoaneta Tsocheva-FastKlean https://www.fastklean.co.uk/

As a business owner Antoaneta shared her journey when she faced a dilemma, she chose to give up a lucrative contract as she knew that the chemicals to be used to do the clean were not in line with her belief of reducing her staff’s exposure to strong chemicals. Making a decision like this meant having to refocus her business to include educating her customs on the benefit of using non-toxic cleaning methods; she continues working to encourage this positive change for all. In their own homes and offices.

Iain Clavedetscher from CH&MRP Architects - http://www.ch-architects.com/contact/

From the beginning of his career as an architect he wanted to design homes and spaces that could be efficient, beautiful and sustainable. This continues as an ongoing project, the need for homes that are passive is clear. The will of central government and regulation are lacking to help make more of these homes a reality. The cost of sustainability is still prohibitive to many individuals when building a home; ironically if there could be more passive homes built it would in fact reduce the costs. Iain spoke about the importance of the benefit to having homes like this becoming the norm saving fuel costs and ultimately making a better environment for all.

The evening proved to be a success; having and open attitude to different approaches helps collaboration. Embracing sustainable change could prove to be the most exciting journey you take in your business.

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