FLOS sponsors the Milano Design Film Festival 2014

FLOS partners with Milano Design Film Festival for the second edition of this event devoted to design and architecture (9-12 October) at the Anteo spazioCinema in Milan.

As Festival Sponsor, courtesy of the Achille Castiglioni Foundation, FLOS presented, for the first time in an uncut version, an original film on Achille Castiglioni’s lecture at the 39th International Design Conference in Aspen, 1989. As an amateur rather than an official document, the film conveys in an extraordinarily authentic way all the genuine admiration, curiosity and amazement that the great Master of design and a fundamental figure in the history of FLOS was able to arouse in the public through his genius, his vitality and his rare powers of communication.

In keeping with the protagonist of this historical film, FLOS also provided the lighting for the Anteo cinema in the form of several iconic products from its decorative catalogue designed by Achille and Per Giacomo Castiglioni. The Brera series lamps, which already form part of the cinema’s interior decoration, were joined by the timeless charm of lamps like Stylos in the foyer and relaxation areas, while the bistro space has been lighted by the poetry of classic creations in cocoon, a revolutionary material and a distinctive feature of FLOS production right from the outset.

There is no more effective vehicle than moving pictures to describe the world of design and its protagonists. FLOS is therefore happy to contribute to this prestigious cultural initiative held in Milan.


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