Carl Hansen & Søn re-introduces Bodil Kjær’s architectural furniture series for both indoor and outdoor use.

Carl Hansen and Søn has reintroduced the 1959 Indoor-Outdoor collection by renowned Danish designer Bodil Kjaer, launched at an exhibition in Milan showcasing reissues of mid-20th century designs.

The Indoor-Outdoor series consists of a lounge chair, a small table whose height matches that of the lounge chair, a dining table, a dining chair, a two-seater lounge sofa, a swing sofa, and a sunbed – all inspired by the Cubist idiom, which has proven its enduring visual appeal. Carl Hansen & Søn is now relaunching Kjær’s classic series in solid teak, which withstands changeable weather conditions, patinates beautifully, and lends itself to both outdoor and indoor use.

Bodil originally designed the collection with the view that furniture should be a natural continuation of its surrounding architecture in size and shape, so she created large, angular furniture to have a strong presence in open spaces.

Indoor-Outdoor will be available from September 2018.

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